Inventory for Tower Hill Exhibit

  • All images MUST be coded with the code used for Palette to Palate. Images which do not have the code will not be included in the exhibit.

  • Invited and juried artists may exhibit up to four paintings.

  • Open artists may exhibit up to two paintings.

  • Pricing- Your selling price should include the 30% commission.  

  • When completing this form please provide all of the information for each painting you plan to exhibit.

  • Paintings included in the online sale may also be shown in the Tower Hill Exhibit

  • Patron will contacted LandArt Events if they are interested in a painting.

  • LandArt Events will provide patron’s contact information to the artist.

  • Artist is responsible for the sale and all related expenses e.g. taxes, packing, shipping and delivery.

  • Artist will send the commission to LandArt Events. Check payable to LandArt Events.

  • Address: LandArt Events

    17 Salaneck Road

    Douglassville, PA 19518

Coding of paintings:

Please follow the sample below to create your individual codes.

First Initial_LastName01_Location_Name of Painting


Artist Name *
Artist Name